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by | 27th, April 2006

‘CARMEN Electra and her husband Dave Navarro are not crazy sex addicts.

Work! Work! Work!

“I think people think I live in lingerie and high heels and lounge around the house,” says Carman. This is a misconception.

Carmen wears lingerie and lounges around film sets. She wears lingerie when performing with her “sexy circus-inspired” dance troupe, the Bombshells.

She also has been known to wear lingerie in Playboy magazine and in the pages of numerous other lingerie-friendly publications.

But she draws the line at wearing lingerie for Dave. Carmen says that when she gets home from a hard day’s lingerie wearing she wants to be comfortable.

After a career in lingerie, you may suppose that Carmen would have found a pair of knickers and bra to be comfortable in, but it seems not.

As Carmen says, “That’s bad news for Dave but the way round that is that he just has to come to work with me more often I guess.”

Or rent a DVD of Carmen running around in her lingerie in any number of videos and motion pictures.’

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