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Mark II

by | 27th, April 2006

‘KERRY Katona has been tired. She has been emotional. She has been to a clinic in America. And she has been accused of taking cocaine.

‘Why do they stare?’

She has gained weight. She has lost weight. She has been a brunette, she has been a blonde. She has been on daytime telly.

We could go on. But to do so would be, we fear, to risk embarrassing one of Warrington’s biggest stars.

Kerry’s achievements are legendary, reading like a what’s what of the celebrity life.

And now she is engaged. The new man in Kerry’s life is Mark Croft, who even since just before Valentine’ Day this year has been Kerry’s constant companion, a truth emphasised in numerous shots of Mark and Kerry hugging.

Just as soon as Kerry’s divorce from former Westlife singer Brian McPadding comes through, she and Mark will be joined even closer together than they are now.

And it is all thanks to Kerry’s mum, who introduced the pair. Kerry’s mum also accompanied Mark to the jewellers to pick out an engagement ring for her daughter.

Mark says that when he and the woman he calls “Mum 2” found the ring, he took a picture of it on his mobile phone. The ring was then sent away to have bigger stone put in the setting. “Apparently it’s worth more than £8,500 now,” says Mark.

It also has “M” and ‘K” engraved on it. Mark was going to include the word “More.” Why? Kerry: “Because I always say: ‘I love you more!’” Mark: “But then I always say I love her more plus one!”

While we calculate what such sentiment would have done to the ring’s value, Kerry says that her love for Mark is no celebrity endorsement, an eight grand trick designed to keep her in the public eye.

“What’s money and fame got to do with anything when you’re in love?” asks Kerry.

Perhaps we will know the answer to that when OK! publishes details about the hen night, the dresses, the wedding, the honeymoon, the his ‘n’ hers tattoos, the lap dancer…’

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