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One Step Back

by | 27th, April 2006

‘“FIVE years on, the pain of Steps’ shock split still cuts deep,” writes OK! in its interview with Faye Tozer.

Faye and four others

And it is not wrong. High 5, the Wiggles and no amount of Tumble Tots could heel the open wound caused when Ian ‘H’ Watkins, Lisa Scott-Lee, Lee Latchford Evans, Claire Richards and the Tozer waved a big synchronised farewell to their legion of primary school fans.

It was winter 2001 when Claire and H quit the band. The duo duly released an album together. It flopped. And was Faye secretly happy it did? Faye says she was too busy finding her next job to care much about those two pigs.

Faye says the period after the band split was “a very confusing, scary” time for her. “I got really hermitty and stayed at home then I partied a lot,” says Faye. “There were a lot of mornings in a dressing gown in front of Trisha!” *

It’s the kind of hazy lifestyle OK! readers can relate too, or dream of having.

Faye stopped speaking to H and Claire after their traitorous act. But now they are all mates again.

Well, failed careers do have a habit of reuniting even the most disparate former band members. And Faye says she is good at forgiving. Trisha teaches us that…

* Trisha: A daytime TV show in which viewers get to feel better about their miserable lives by looking at the dregs of society being ridiculed, reduced to tears and sent for counselling by caring host Trisha Goddard.’

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