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by | 28th, April 2006

‘“SHOCK drug photos that prove Doherty should be locked up,” says the Sun on its front page.

Heroin makes you a celebrity

So shocking are these front-page snapshots of pop f***wit Pete Doherty that the Sun has seductively obscured one picture behind the word “CENSORED”.

Inside the paper, the bar has been removed and readers get to see Pete doing something outrageous. These are the “MOST SHOCKING KATE & DOHERTY PICTURES EVER”. What can they have been up to?

Is Pete canvassing on behalf of the BNP for the upcoming local elections? Is he auditioning for the Cliff Richard part in a remake of Summer Holiday? Or is he taking drugs?

Given Pete’s track record, we’d be more shocked if the pictures showed the singer not taking illicit substances. But here he is shocking the world by sticking a hypodermic needle in his arm.

But there is new twist. And in another shot Pete “injects heroin into an unconscious fan”. The scene is Doherty’s East London flat sometime in the past five weeks, and the unnamed girl is from a “middle-class background”.

The shocks are coming thick and fast. Pete Doherty takes drugs! Middle class girls take drugs!

And there’s a picture of Kate Moss, who has been seeing the singer despite claims that she and he are over for good.

“Dishevelled,” says the Sun’s caption beneath a photo of the model in bed. She is “bleary-eyed”. And she is. But she was not in Pete’s flat when he jabbed a needle in the arm of a prone fan. It’s a shot of a tired looking Kate Moss in bed. Shocked? You betcha.

“I thought I’d seen it all,” says the Sun’s Sean Hamilton, billed as “the journalist who knows him best”. Sean says he knew Pete injected heroin. He has seen Pete smoke crack.

But injecting with young fans has sickened him. “That we cannot forgive,” he says.

Pete the popstar is now Pete the predatory pusher. It is all very grim, but in what way do these photos “prove” that Pete should be jailed?

Remember those photos of Kate snorting something in a recording studio. She was never charged with any crime. In what do these photos prove anything? Other than that the papers are addicted to Pete…’

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