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Racy Tracey

by | 28th, April 2006

‘“SHE was a maneater and Whitehall was her hunting ground.” So says a pal of Tracey Temple, the woman who works under John Prescott.

‘What d’yer mean should be cojoin in mutual appreciation of humanity spirituality as one?’

And so begins the ham-fisted attempt to make John Prescott the victim. While Prezza tells anyone and everyone about his moment of madness – a moment that lasted two years – the papers look at the other woman.

“Prezza girl’s 9 lovers,” says the Sun’s front page. “Never mind 2 Tracey was 9 SHAGS”, says another of the paper’s headlines.

Readers hear from Tracey’s live-in lover Barrie Williams. He says that Tracey kept details of her love life in “SIX” diaries. It was only when he asked her about Prescott that she confessed to eight other affairs.

Barrie was devastated. So much so that he discussed his heartache with a golfing buddy, who now unburdens himself in the Sun.

“Tracey’s diaries knocked him for six,” says the man in the plus fours. “Barrie said the diaries were packed full of explicit details about what had gone on between her and John Prescott.”

Has this woman no shame? The papers hope not, and it’s not overly hard to believe that right now Fleet Street’s finest are knocking on the door of the French villa where Tracey is holed up offering her loadsa cash for a peek at her jottings.

And she may oblige. This is Tracey Temple, a woman partial to red leather trousers. Prezza used to tease her about her “seductive gear”, says the Sun. A guest at a Barbados hotel Tracey stayed in recalls her laughter at seeing Tracey wearing her hot pants even in the searing heat.

Surely no man can resist such temptation? Poor John is only human.

Over in the Mail, Tracey is the “pushy girl with a taste for older men”. The wife of Clive Bolden, who had an affair with Tracey in the 1990s, calls the woman “ruthless”. “She will stop at nothing to get what she wants.”

And what she wanted was John Prescott, or “PRECIOUS PREZZA”, as the Mirror calls him. He’s an “unsung hero”.

“People forget about John and the Kyoto Treaty,” says Tony Blair in an interview. “And the reason we have the Channel Tunnel rail link is because he brokered the deal out of a complete mess,” says Tony.

John played a pivotal role in solving the fire dispute, says Tony. John is of “great value”. John is “vital” to the Labour Party.

“People don’t know the true value of what he does because it is so often behind the scenes,” says Tony.

Not to mention what Prezza does on the table, in his flat, in the kitchen, on the sofa…’

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