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Fallen Idol

by | 28th, April 2006

‘PAULA Abdul, resident cheerleader on American Idol, lies prone on the floor of a Los Angeles nightclub.

Did she fall or was she pushed?

Kneeling by her side with a reassuring hand on her back is Ravi, identified as Paula’s “drummer pal”. To her right is “hero ex-boyfriend” Dante Spencer, and to her rear are a burly security guard and an unidentified club goer.

But why is Paula on the ground? She says she was knocked to the floor by talent agent Jim Lefkowitz at club Xenii.

An eyewitness says how Spencer then threw a punch at Lefkowitz. A friend says the men brawled, falling on top of the sprawled Abdul, causing her further distress.

But Lefkowitz sees things differently. His lawyer, Michael Nasatir, tells the Enquirer that his client was an “innocent bystander”. He made no contact with Abdul.

And some believe him. The Enquire says that critics claim Paula concocted this story to fend off claims that she’d been thrown out of the venue for being drunk.

But a pal of the woman famous for clapping like a demented seal and telling just about anyone who can remember the chorus to Unchained Melody that they are “amazing” and “sooo talented” says doctors examined Paula after the incident and found no traces of booze in her system.

Curiouser and curiouser. It is not easy knowing who is the most believable and worth listening to. It’s just like American Idol…’

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