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by | 28th, April 2006

‘AARON Spelling, media mogul and creator of hit TV shows, has told his feuding wife and daughter: “Enough is enough. Stop acting like children!”

Spelling it out

And it worked. The pair are, apparently, talking again – “but barely”.

This reluctance to speak may have something to do with mum Candy, who appears to have such tight facial skin that any mouth moment is all but impossible, as the Enquirer’s picture suggests. (Forget acting like a child – this woman has the drum-tight skin of an eight year old).

Or it may be the fault of daughter Tori. It was she who is reported to have sparked the rift by portraying her mother as less than perfect on her noTORIous TV show.

Candy saw the programme, loosely based on Tori’s life, and felt like she’d been “stabbed in the back”.

A confrontation followed in which Tori is reported to have said: “You don’t get it. My show’s a hit. Get over yourself!”

We don’t get to hear what Candy said in reply…’

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