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by | 29th, April 2006

‘WHY bother with electioneering when all the Opposition need do is sit tight and wait for the Government of the day to implode?

At the Royal College of Nursing’s annual conference in Bournemouth, Patricia Hewitt was heckled by shouts of “resign”, “shame” and “rubbish”. Yes, we know – in the genteel environs of Bournemouth. Shocking!

Bookmakers William Hill have stopped taking bets on whether or not bat-eared Home Secretary Charles Clarke will go.

Speaking to the Times, William Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams says: ‘We have had a number of enquires from clients wanting to place bets on Mr Clark resigning in the next forty eight hours but we feel that it is certainty, so we will not be accepting these wagers.’

And there is John Prescott. He doesn’t do anything by halves – he does them in twos. Two Jags. Two jabs. Two fingers. Two shags. “Et, two, Prezza,” as Tony Blair may say as the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune prick him in back.

Not that Tony is escaping – especially not to Barbados. Rumours abound that the Blairs are no longer welcome at Cliff Richards Barbados villa, where they have twice holidayed.

It seems that in return for a free stay, Sir Cliff wanted the Blairs to make a donation to his favourite charity. A donation was indeed made. But for how much?

The Popbitch website writes: “Cliff’s friends are putting it about that the amount the PM thought was appropriate to rent a luxury villa in Barbados for over two weeks… was about the cost of a meal for two in a London restaurant.”

How much is that then? Perhaps Prezza has receipts from just such a meal he can show us?


The Number’s Up

A LETTER in the Telegraph runs: “Sir, I was wondering if your readers knew that on the first second, second minute, third hour on May 4 2006 it will be 01 02 03 04 05 06. At 23 minutes past 1 on May 4 2006 it will be 1 2 3 4 5 6. We will have to wait 1,000 years for this to happen again.”

Thanks to Iain Dale MP for pointing this letter out. Iain blog on the goings on in Westminster can be found at’

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