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by | 30th, April 2006

‘WHERE there’s muck, there’s brass. Just ask XXX-rated Internet movie star Parish Hilton who has just splashed out £1.7million on a Tuscan-style property high in the Hollywood Hills.

Model, porn star, brand, garden gnome…

“For the past couple of years I was doing the party thing – going out a lot,” says Paris. “But now I’ve turned 25, I feel I’m an adult.”

So it is time to do adult things, like buying her own home with her own money.

Hello! calculates that Paris has earned almost £11million for film and TV appearances and more for modelling, writing and record deals (Paris has, reportedly, recorded a version of Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy?”). Forbes estimates her earnings to have been £3.7million for 2005.

So what does the woman who calls herself “a brand, a model, an artiste, an actress, a designer”, and the rest of us a call Paris the home video porn star, buy? How much bang does she get for her bucks?

Well, home is a 1920s four-bedroom house. It has a shiny black wooden floor. And in case Paris forgets who owns the place, there’s a massive portrait of herself hanging in the lounge.

There are Fendi cushions and a £23,000 Baccarat chandelier. Paris’s powder pink bedroom has a massive four-poster bed with mirrored posts. There’s a 20ft by 20ft explore-in wardrobe.

And there’s plenty of room for all other pals, like Tinkerbell, her Chihuahua, who has special gated living area, and a large cage for her pet monkey, Baby Luv.

“It’s cool to be able to buy what I want and not have to ask my family,” says Paris.

And you too can live the dream. “I worked hard for all this,” says Paris. “I tell girls that if you basically work hard, all your dreams will come true.”

And if you can’t find work that pays enough to afford a 3,400-square foot villa, you could always become a porn star…’

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