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by | 30th, April 2006

‘“PRESCOTT: THE ABUSE OF OFFICE,” screams the Mail’s front-page headline, and we are gripped.

Tracey – putting a new spin on joined-up Government

It takes a story of major importance to knock news of bird flu on our doorstep, paedophiles under the bed and Noel Edmonds on our TV from the Mail’s cover; and the story of how the Deputy Prime Minister had sex in his Whitehall Office is just that thing.

The Mail has paid a reported £250,000 for an interview with Tracey Temple, the woman show worked under Prescott with such dedication to duty.

It says the story is similar to that of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. Only it is not. While we can argue that just about the best thing Slick Willy did well was chase women, Prescott’s pursuit of females flesh conjures up images of a sweaty Benny Hill chasing his angels.

The Mail says that Tracey and Prezza would regularly “grope and grapple” during the working day. They engaged in “sordid” phone sex. They enjoyed “sexual banter”.

“We were very lucky we were never caught – as we never shut the door,” says Tracey. “…Seven civil servants worked right outside the office.”

And what of Tracey the temptress? Like Lewinsky and her twanging thong, here is Tracey and her red leather trousers. No man can resist.

Tracey says otherwise: “I feel I have been used and am being used as a scapegoat,” says she. She says the Government have “abandoned” her. “I am not the siren that has been painted – I have only had eight lovers in my life.”

Sure, she was flirty; but so was John- the pair used to rub each others arms. But then things took a turn for the more sleazy when she had to deliver ministerial boxes to Prezza’s flat in Admiralty Arch.

“It was the first time I had been there,” says Tracey, “and he leaned forward and cupped my face in his hands. I froze.” That broke the ice and over the next few weeks the couple grew closer and closer.

“When I went into his office for diary meetings, if I was wearing a skirt he would slide his hand up my leg, under it,” says Tracey. “Sometimes the touch would start something, we would kiss and things would go on from there.”

It all sounds less than pleasant. And while our mind is infected with images of Prescott and his secretary hard at it, Tracey tells us of her fears. Sure, they could get caught – this was risky; and Prezza could overdo it.

“He was a lot older than me and I used to worry about his health…that something would happen to me.”

That he would perish in the throes of passion? And that Tracey would be trapped under his slumped frame? But Tracey survived the full force of Prezza’s passion to tell us about it in lurid details.

Whether he will he survive in office is yet to be determined…’

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