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Congestion Charge

by | 2nd, May 2006

‘NEWS that the US embassy has racked up a whopping £271,000 in congestion charge fines in just six months is made that much worse by the revelation that that money could keep a healthy patient in hospital for almost FOUR years.

‘I went to hospital and all I got was [blankety blank]’

Not that we want to keep healthy patients in hospital – a spokesman for the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust tells the Guardian that the case of a patient discharged 1,533 days AFTER doctors said he or she was ready to leave was “exceptional”.

As was the case of the healthy patient at the East Cheshire Trust who spent more than 970 days enjoying the delights of hospital food and hospital radio.

As were the at least seven others who were kept in hospital for more than 500 days after they should have been discharged.

Indeed, the Guardian says the total cost to the NHS of caring for the 10 worst “bed blockers” was £1.4m – enough to pay a GP’s salary for a year.

Or sign Terry Wogan to hospital radio for a couple of hours a week.’

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