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Breaking Cover

by | 2nd, May 2006

‘THEY say that if everyone who claims to have witnessed England’s World Cup triumph in 1966 actually had been at Wembley that day, the stadium would have been fuller than John Prescott’s appointments diary.

‘You’ve less than four minutes to run a mile, disarm the Nazi position and make a shepherd’s pie! Run, Jeffrey! Run!’

Similarly, it seems with the SAS. The Telegraph reports that dozens of impostors are donning uniforms and pretending to be veterans of the elite regiment.

Andrew Robathan, Tory deputy chief whip and SAS veteran, called the fakes “pathetic and sad”.

‘If I had a fiver for every former SAS man I have met,” he said, “I would be a rich man.

“Most people from a special forces background don’t talk about it except with friends with whom they have served. Sometimes not even then.’

But what does that mean for the likes of Andy McNab and Chris Ryan, who have used their SAS experience to forge a new career as novelists?

And Lord Archer? Are we to doubt his claim that he was actually the first man to break the four-minute mile while leading his men off the Normandy beaches in 1944?’

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