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Half Baked

by | 2nd, June 2006

Elaine – “It’s nonsensical” – had made a Madeira cake with the best natural ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, eggs and lemon rind.

“My cakes are perfectly healthy, baked with the finest natural ingredients,” says she. To illustrate just how wonderful Elaine’s cakes are, the Mail lists the ingredients found in a shop-bought equivalent. Lick your lips at the humectant, emulsifiers, preservatives and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Proud indeed is Elaine of the purity of her cakes. Not just anyone can be a lifelong member of the Women’s Institute like Elaine.

But things are different at a home for elderly run by Age Concern. When Elaine tried to deliver her cake to an inmate friend, she was barred from doing so.

She was told her ingredients may cause an illness in anyone who ate her cake. It would be better if she bought one from the shop.

Andrea Scott, regional director of Age Concern, says: “If I let one person do this, it will open the floodgates.” Cakes will come pouring into the homes on a wave of butter and dairy cream. There will be carnage.

“YOU COULDN’T BAKE IT UP,” says the Sun.

But rules are rules. And when we hear that Elaine’s friend is to celebrate her 96th birthday soon, we fear what would happen if the cake was covered in candles and lit…

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