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God Save Us

by | 2nd, June 2006

How cruel it is that the birth of her first child should coincide with the messianic arrival of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Geri has every right to be disappointed. Who needs Bluebell when you can have Shiloh?

But Geri should not let her anger out on Sacha Gervasi, the man said to be Bluebell Madonna’s father.

Reports are that Geri has not allowed Gervasi to see his daughter. The father’s stepmother Heather Cottin has been pleading with the singer to allow her son to see his child. “Bluebell needs a dad in her life,” says she.

And she is not the only one holding that view. According to the Mirror, Geri’s showbiz pal Robbie Williams is just as keen to see the baby united with her father.

As the paper says, it was Robbie who introduced the 40-year-old scriptwriter to the former Spice Girl.

A source says: “Robbie tried to help by asking Geri to change her mind but she wasn’t having any of it. They ended up having a bit of a barney.”

To the Mirror’s mind this row is a “massive bust-up”. Robbie and Geri are “no longer on speaking terms”.

Robbie’s spokeswoman denies any rift. “There’s no truth in this,” says she.

But the Mirror is less certain, as are we. Might it be that with the child’s father still unconfirmed, Geri is able to cling onto the hope that it is she and not Angelina who has delivered the messiah to the world…

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