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The Royal Robot

by | 2nd, June 2006

Having already staged the kidnapping of David Beckham for a TV show, we wonder if Ferdinand has just played another of his hilarious tricks on the future king, perhaps turning up at the England training ground in a battered white Fiat Uno or threatening to shoot Wills with a pistol? Happily not all the England team share Ferdinand’s unique brand of humour and on opening the paper we see that Wills is laughing at Peter Crouch.

Crouch, the lanky 6ft 7in England striker who looks like the result of an assignation between Rodney Trotter and an underfed giraffe, is amusing William and his team-mates with his now trademark robot dance.

Having danced the ‘demented android’ after scoring for England against Hungry and at the Beckham’s pre-World Cup party, Crouch now performs his routine for Prince William.

“Can you do the Crouch, Wills?” asks the Mail. William may well have the stiff upper legs, lower legs and arms to go with his stiff upper lip, but he does not rise to the challenge.

Not that Crouch was upset at Willis’ reluctance to join him on the dance floor at England Manchester training ground. As the Sun says, having earned the Royal seal of approval, the striker was keen to tell his mum.

“I got straight on the phone and told her all about it. I just hope I haven’t embarrassed her too much,” he says. He goes on: “I don’t know how Prince William talked me into doing it to be honest.”

Perhaps the striker was pricked into action by a sense of duty to the crown. If so, it could bode well for England’s fortunes in Germany – as William tells the Mirror: “I know they want to win it. They promised me they would bring it home.”

And you can’t renege on a promise to the future king…

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