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She Does

by | 30th, May 2006

For those of you not aware of her work, Linsey is a talent who has performed in such movies as On Location in Fantasy Island, Ben Dover Does the Boob Cruise and Mammary Lane.

Linsey is a blend of Katie Andre’s Jordans, Kelly Brook’s diction and Victoria Beckham’s nostrils.

And, like Vicky, Linsey is now married to a footballer, albeit one who has now retired from the game (a bit like Linsey, whose career in porn is at an end). The husband is called Mark Williams and he played for Wimbledon.

Mark used to date the mo-del Leilani, and on the rebound from that relationship and on a night out in London’s club Chinatwhite he got talking to Linsey.

To give us an idea of how the sparks must have flown that fate filled night, Linsey tells us about their first conversation outside the club after telephone numbers had been exchanged.

Mark texted Linsey. She said: “We’re in McDonald’s.” Mark said: “Grab us a Big Mac.” Linsey said, quicker than a flash of her gigantic chest: “Yeah, I will.”

It’s the kind of repartee that gets us excited to hear their self-penned wedding vows.

But we never do. Although we do hear Mark tell us how he proposed. Linsey has a Staffordshire bull terrier, and Mark tied the box containing the engagement ring around its neck. Linsey saw it and started crying.

Next thing, the wedding is on the cards. Jodie Marsh is being booked in as a witness. And Alicia Douvall, who Linsey says has been “branded a prostitute”, is picking out a hat.

And, of course, Linsey and Mark are writing their vows – with aid of a thumb and a mobile phone…

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