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Teenage Kicks

by | 29th, May 2006

Why have we been cursed with a mind that conjures up such ungodly images?

And why does the living waxwork that is David Get know about Jackson’s love life?

The Enquirer is able to help us with our second question and says that David and Michael were “teenage friends” in Encino, California.

Gest is, on average, 53 years of age. Jackson was born August 29, 1958, giving his parts a top age of 47. To have been teenage pals, Gest would have been either 18 or 19 at a time when Michael was 13 or 14.

Are we to believe that a 13-yer-old boy chatted about sex with an 18-year-old Gest?

Indeed, we are, and Gest says he is ready to tell us just how the conversation went in “The Gest List”

“Despite already being a superstar, Michael was a very lonely teenager and found it difficult to make friends,” says Mark Bego, who is co-authoring the book.”

He continues: “Michael told David all about his sex life, and now David feels it is time to tell the world so the public can understand why Michael turned out the way he did.”

Bego need not go on. Our hearts might have hardened against Michael, but this news that he has talked over sexual matters with the older Gest demands our sympathy…

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