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by | 2nd, June 2006

I can’t. It’s raining.”

“I can’t. I just bought a computer. Can you show me how to use it?”

“I can’t. I’m waiting for the FBI to call.

“I can’t. Not until my cigarettes get here.”

We only hope the script to Lindsay Lohan’s new movie is as scintillating as her everyday speech.

Christopher Morris Bland, Lindsay’s assistant on the movie Just My Luck, says that Lindsay’s can’t do attitude made working for the starlet the “worst job” he’s ever had.

The Enquirer has seen an Internet posting by the lackey in which he lists Lohan’s refusals to comply.

Reading through it we could draw the conclusion that Lindsay is a little work shy, lazy even. Indeed, we hear that crew members dubbed the freckly one “Lazy Lohan”.

But to do so would be to make a grave error. In a TV interview, Lindsay sets the record straight. She says that rather then being idle she is a grafter. “I‘m the hardest working person I know,” says she.

And Lindsay knows some real workaholics – like Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss…

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