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The Rat’s Back

by | 1st, June 2006

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Darren Day is back. And he does appear to have been away, because he arrives in Hello! wearing a tan that can best be described as medium rare.

He is also wearing on his lap a blond-ish woman by the name of Stephanie Dooley. Stephanie is – naturally – an aspiring performance artiste, who met Darren on the set of Cinderella in Derby last August.

Darren does not hang around and – naturally again – Stephanie and he hit it off to such a degree that she is now pregnant with his child.

Darren, now fresh from his “ten-year class A-drug habit”, and from his romance with Suzanne Shaw (the actress/singer he married and then left three months after their child was born) is a man remade.

“I spent a few nights sleeping in my car and there’s nothing more grounding than that,” says Darren. Of course, there is – it’s called camping and you sleep on the ground.

But Darren had hit his stride and wants to tell us all just how low he has been.

He says he spent £750,000 on cocaine. He says he has been clean since November 28 last year. He says, “When I reach the end of every drug-free day, I feel like doing a lap of honour.”

Everything is getting better for Darren. He says Stephanie is the person he’s been looking for – it’s been a search that has taken in Anna Friel, Isla Fischer, Tracey Shaw and aforesaid Suzanne Shaw, actresses one and all.

Now Darren is looking to the future. Which promises to be every bit as rosy as his skin…

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