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Foul Play

by | 6th, June 2006

So says Nancy Dell’Olio, who is refusing to go quietly as her boyfriend Sven Goran Eriksson prepares for life after the England manger’s job.

The Telegraph has seen Nancy’s interview with the Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport in which she claims to have received threats from person or persons unknown.

“We have been getting these threats for some time on the telephone and written,” says Nancy. “They want to blackmail me and threaten to kill me. They are in English and Italian.”

She goes on: “It’s not very nice but as my grandmother used to say ‘envy is what makes trains run’.”

What Nancy’s grandma has to do with things we should, perhaps, not investigate too rigorously. Sven has a way with women and the introduction of the elder Dell’Olio encourages interesting mental images.

And what of this blackmailing plot? Nancy says the truth will out. What then is this truth? What could there be to blackmail Nancy over?

Is there anything that we have not heard before? We have seen Sven’s Cuban heels placed outside the door of some female conquest. We have heard about him and Ulrika Jonsson. And those tales of his games of keepy-uppy with Faria Alam at FA headquarters are old hat.

Nancy says that she and Sven are a winning team.

“No-one really knows our secrets, our chemistry and the relationship between a man and woman. The requirements of living together are impossible to judge from the outside,” says she.

Or are they? Do the alleged blackmailers know more? Are there secrets still to emerge? And after Sven has left his job with England will anyone be interested?

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