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Daddy Knows Best

by | 7th, June 2006

Richard has a nice wonky-toothed English smile, eyes that sparkle like a glass of Asti Spumante and dimples reminiscent of Jade Goody in her pomp.

And Richard has every reason to be proud. He has survived the ordeal of labour. And in the Mirror’s piece (“Dads IN THE delivery room”) a fully recovered Richard tells us what it’s like being there.

Richard says a man can give “emotional support” at the birth. A man is useful. A man can talk to the woman as she writhes in the throes of labour, begging for drugs and for the agony to end.

And to give us an idea of the kind of reassurance Richard gave his wife Mandeep, how he eased her pain, he says: “Both parents invest their genetic input into a baby, so it’s a shame to think that the man could be thought of as surplus.”

Indeed. Richard has a vital role to play. Who needs drugs when you can listen to your man talking about genetic surplusezzzzzzzzz…

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