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by | 7th, June 2006

This question appears in the Star. And we want you to guess the answer. Is it a) a date with Page 3 stunna Nikkkiii; b) a round of applause; or c) Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Bearing in mind this is “HUMAN RIGHTS MADNESS”, our hearty congratulations go to all you who answered ‘c’.

The Mail takes up the story of Barry Chambers. And it gets more specific, telling us that this was no ordinary KFC but an entire bargain bucket of the stuff. Chambers was also given a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi and a packet of cigarettes. The bag of goods was delivered by hydraulic crane. It’s “FINGER NICKIN’ GOOD”, says the Mirror’s headline.

That it might be. But how did Chambers get to be atop a Gloucester roof eating fried chicken and chips?

The Mirror says that Chambers was travelling in a suspected stolen car in the early hours of yesterday morning. Police stopped the vehicle. They apprehended two men, but chambers ran off. He then climbed on to the roof of a three-storey house. And here he stayed.

A spokesman for Gloucester Police tells the Mail: “Although he’s on the roof being a nuisance [see pictures of him throwing tiles], we still have to look after his well-being and human rights.”

So it goes. And we read that at the time of writing, Chambers remains on the roof, as flightless as one Colonel Sander’s battered birds.

And every bit as doomed…

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