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by | 7th, June 2006

As the Mirror’s front page says, today is the day when the finest medical brains look at Wayne Rooney’s foot and say whether or not he is fit to play in the World Cup.

These are exciting times. Especially for Louis Moffat. He’s the little flame-haired, freckly six-year-old who won a competition organised by McDonald’s to be a World Cup mascot.

“I have been telling everyone I would be a mascot for England,” says he. “I had been looking forward to meeting the team.”

Had? What’s changed? Louis has already met England’s World Cup hero Geoff Hurst at a McDonald’s restaurant to collect his prize. The Mail says Louis was given the “impression” he would be an England mascot.

But it is not to be. Instead of England, Louis will be holding hands with a German as he takes part in one of the host nation’s matches.

This is “bad news.” And to show how bad it is the Mail has a picture of Louis looking pretty sick as he sits swathed in the German flag.

And while Louis gets ready to belt out Uber Alles, readers are introduced to Connor Gray. He’s the little lad who won the right to be a mascot at the World Cup Final.

And like Louis and that German flag, Connor looks pretty miserable as he poses for the cameras in an England kit. Connor, also aged six, is a half-Russian Scot who supports Ukraine.

“I’m so excited,” says he. “But I don’t want England in the final.”

And the best way to guarantee that they won’t be is to stamp on Wayne Rooney’s foot…

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