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French Wine

by | 8th, June 2006

CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine and Rick. Their preference for New World wines may yet save the planet.

The Times reports that such is our preference for wine made in Chile, America and Australia that almost a billion bottles of French and Italian wine are to be turned into fuel and disinfectant.

While Serge puts a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape over a sheep and sets it alight in protest at this outrage, we read on.

The directive from Brussels is that 430 million bottles of French wine will be distilled into fuel. In addition, 371 million bottles of Italian plonk will go the same way.

There is just too much wine. It will never be sold and some use must be made of it.

Naturally, the French are unhappy with this. The Times says that French wine growers are demanding that European taxpayers be made to buy their produce, all 1.1 billion bottles of it.

This in itself may be no bad thing. French wine is palatable, and if cheap enough could form part a useful part of a summer’s binge drinking session.

And so much the better if it can power your car, lawn mower and stomach pump…

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