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Going Dutch

by | 8th, June 2006

THE repackaging of Ronan Keating goes on.

Earlier in the week, we heard that the former Boyzone singer had taken drugs.

“I think people would be shocked if they heard Ronan Keating took drugs,” said Ronan. “I was a bit naive towards them. I was afraid that I’d be the unlucky one. Between you and me I’ve tried it (dope). We went to Holland, as everyone does, we tried it. I have to say it wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy it.”

That Ronan should equate a trip to Holland with trying drugs makes us wonder how far he immersed himself in the Dutch way.

Did Ronan go for full Dutch experience and hire a prostitute? Did he return from his trip laden down with tulip bulbs and large round cheeses? Did he marry a homosexual?

While we ponder just how native Ronan went in Amsterdam, we wonder what it is about London that has caused the former Boyzone singer to stick his head between his wife Yvonne’s breasts.

The Sun has a shot of the Irish crooner leaving an awards do in London. Opening his mouth in the manner of an excited terrier, Ronan smiles and falls into his wife’s cleavage.

What happened next we are not told – but we imagine that he started talking about “threepenny bits” and grumbling about Ken ‘ruddy’ Livingstone and Chelsea…

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