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For Pete’s Sake

by | 19th, May 2006

“TOURETTE Syndrome is a medical condition with a genetic component but is as yet of unknown cause. It is characterised by a combination of chronic muscular tics (twitch-like movements) and vocal tics (involuntary noises) and is often socially stigmatising.”

No, not an explanation for John Prescott’s moments of madness in the office, nor an extract from George Bush’s post-apocalyptic autobiography ‘What’s This Button Do?’, but words taken from the UK Tourette Syndrome Association’s website.

It can’t be easy living with Tourette’s – especially not for the thirteen residents of Big Brother House, Elstree, who have set up home with sufferer Pete Bennet.

It was clear from the off – when Pet entered the house and gibbered at first arrival Bonnie (claim to fame: brother is called Clyde) – that Pete would be hard work.

But Pete is our prediction to do pretty well on the show for the simple reason that he will annoy everyone. And Big Brother thrives on conflict.

We will enjoy watching Pete. We will enjoy the housemates’ reactions to him and their agonising over how right it is to belittle and bitch about a man who suffers from what could be a socially debilitating illness.

Will the housemates make allowances for Pete, patting him on the head like they would some manic pet? Will he stay still long enough to let them get close?

And if that is not enough, Pete can fall back on his other talents: copious swearing and, as the Sun reports, owning a “massive manhood”.

Far from being one dimensional, Pete has much to offer. But will there be any takers?

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