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Imogen Scores

by | 22nd, May 2006

THERE now follows a review of what sources have been saying about Big Brother’s latest bunch of wannabes and never wills.

Imogen has form. The Sun says the Miss Wales winner has intimate knowledge of Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. A friend tells the paper how the footballer was “amazing” in bed.

Lea has “shocked” housemates (Sun) by telling them how she has appeared in porn films. Lea has 40M–sized breasts. Other than being an inflatable ride at an adult-theme park, or a dry ski slope, what else did she imagine her housemates thought she got up to?

Bonn-eh, a woman who has trouble saying her own name, has been cautioned by the police for carrying a knife in the street. “She’ a real low-life,” says a pal” in the Sun. “She has a filthy mouth and is about as stupid as you can get.” And that’s what a friend of hers has to say. We can only imagine what her enemies think of her?

Pete has, apparently, “fried his mind” with the horse tranquiliser Ketamine. “Pete was off his face on this stuff whenever I saw him,” says a friend of the budding pop star. “It’s ruined his brains and made his condition much worse.”

Nikki (or Nikkki/Nikkki etc.) is an “unstable anorexic who could kill herself”. That’s what the Star says about the wannabe glamour mo-del. Says Nikki’s friend Kyla Padwick: “I’m watching my friend crack up on screen and I’m so angry with the people who are letting that happen.” She goes on: “Nikki could come out of that house and regress into being really sick again and even kill herself.”

Ooer. That sounds bad. But at least Nikki can always rely on her caring friends to tell the papers all about it if she does…

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