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Eeza Geeza Is Sezer

by | 23rd, May 2006

“SEZER the geezer is a bit of a sleaze…r.”

So sang Boon-eh, who should be commended for finally saying something we can understand, let alone concocting a rhyme.

And what of Sezer the geezer? Is he going to get it on with Imogen, the teezer? Or will she keep him in the freezer?

While Bonn-eh turns us into nation of poets, we see that all pretty Welsh things come to he who pesters, frots and never gives in.

Like the hair on his shaven body, Sezer grows on you. And at 3.26am this morning, Imogen cracked. The girl George called a “top spec b****!” could take no more. The pair cuddled in bed and kissed.

Which puts us in the mood for more poetry:

Oh, Imogen, when I see you a-gain,

I dreamz of when we will have a li’ ‘un;

We’ll call it Sezer Junior or Gwen

Or Imo-gen, my Imo-gen, oh when

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