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Chugging Along

by | 24th, May 2006

Nikki is alone. No-one fancies Nikkki.

Why? Maybe it’s because she talks as if the words are too big to get out. Nikkki’s words are like clenched fists fighting to get past her teeth and tonsils.

And yes, Nikkkki is blessed with all the charm of a chugger, one of those grinning charity pavement hogs. But she is blonde, and in this world that is almost a guarantee of celebrity, if not a chatshow on Living TV.

But she seems to recognise the feelings she excites in the people around her and invited someone to grab her by the ankles and swing her around their head.

“Swing me round like an aeroplane,” she begged. George obliged. Nikkkki stretched her arms out wide and squealed like a girl playing with her dad.

George resisted the urge to let go and so prevent tiny Nikkkki from becoming the first Big Brother contestant to leave the compound by air.

This was, of course, Nikkkki’s follow up to her flirtation with Sezer, a man who fancies anything that moves, and very possibly some inanimate objects, too. But not Nikkkkki.

Nikki sat on Sezer’s lap while he made eyes at Imogen (there’s lovely). He then told a story about a beautiful princess, which Nikkkkki took to be about her. Wrong. It was about Imogen.

Poor Nikkkki, she does try so very hard to be noticed.

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