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Brief Encounters

by | 25th, June 2006

As Shahbaz returns to his life as an amoeba, he may like to note that life can return to what it was before he crashed and burnt so horribly.

Back on Big Brother 3, on Thursday 30th May 2002, trainee Barrister Sunita Sharma walked from the show. She survived the experience and is now a practising lawyer.

When she left she tipped Jade to win the show’s £70,000 prize. "She’s so vibrant all the time and she comes out with some really funny things. You don’t mind listening to her,” said Sunita.

Sunita was wrong about that. Jade did not win the show, and neither did Sandy Cummings, who climbed out of the Big Brother compound and back to his job as a personal shopper at a London department store.

So all is not lost for Shahbaz. Although this is not to say Shahbaz will become a lawyer or a dresser of women unable to dress themselves.

Could you imagine the Scot handling your draws, like Sandy, or your briefs, like Sunita?

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