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Lisa Talks Pete

by | 26th, May 2006

Whoever thought Pete’s swearing would turn us off the show could not have been more wrong.

Swearing IS the show. So keen are the housemates to make Pete appear just one of the gang that they are swearing as much as he is.

Pete began brightly, marking the word w****rs out as his own early on. He held up a drawing with the w-word on in his introduction to camera.

The rest seem aware of Pete’s territory and keen not to step on any toes have shied away from the w-word, Pete’s word.

Lisa has not once mentioned Pete’s word as she nimbly jinks her away through the full gamut of her swearing lexicon.

Lisa lives by the motto “Your Tourette’s Is My Tourette’s”.

But while we commend her camaraderie in empathising with Pete, she runs the risk of swearing more than Pete.

To emphasise just how little actual non-swearing Lisa has done, we have removed all the swear words and transcribed her performance thus far.

Her speaking part in the house to date runs: “All right. You happy not face hat what now is fact no is [again] fat no yes maybe house bun and canary who rubber cereal mingin’ go.”

If this is hard for us to take, Lisa should pause for a moment and wonder what anyone watching the show with subtitles on makes of it all…

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