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Dawn Breaks

by | 27th, May 2006

“If one of them comes out and kills themselves the producers will have blood on their hands. You are playing with people’s lives.” So says Dawn “shut up” Black.

In an interview with the Mirror, Dawn says how worried she is about Shahbaz, who “has obviously got mental problems”, and for Nikki and Lea. Dawn says neither Lea nor Nikki are “stable”. “I can see people cracking up in there and it won’t be pretty.”

She’s not kidding – few things about Lea are.

And there is more. Dawn says she is the victim of a crime. She was kidnapped by Big Brother.

“They held me against my will for nearly 24 hours,” says the whiffy yoga instructor. “It was like being in jail, except with them mocking me all the time and refusing to listen to me.”

This sounds bad. What will Dawn do? “I’m thinking of what to do about it,” says Dawn, “but one option is to press charges for false imprisonment.”

Only if she was kidnapped, what were the terms of her release? And if a ransom was posted, who in their right mind paid it? Nikki? Lea? Shahbaz?

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