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Blame The Parents

by | 29th, May 2006

Georgy Porgy has yet to kiss any of the girls. He has also yet to make any of them cry. Nikki has wailed a bit, but then Nikki’s life is one long wail.

But let us not be overly tough on Nikkki. As Grace said in the Diary Room, the woman who looks like a shriveled version of Vanessa Feltz has a mother figure in Lea and father figure in Richard. It’s easy to blame the parents for how Nikkkki has turned out. She didn’t stand a chance.

But she does seem to like George. Watching Nikkkki teeter past in a pelmet-sized skirt, Grace asked: “Doesn’t she feel a breeze, just walking around with her flaps hanging out?”

George, who in moments of quiet reflection seems to be chewing the cud like some well-spoken ruminant, thought a little.

“The night she came in she had a front wedgie, it was going right up there,” said George. “It’s not remotely attractive”.

George is above such things.

And Nikkkkki has sensed a frost. “I think George looks down on me, because he’s upper class and I’m middle class,” she said. “He’s not interested in me because I haven’t been to public school. He thinks I’m common. Grace is like that too, and it’s made me feel bad about myself. I’m feeling paranoid.”

But at least her paranoia isn’t groundless – they really don’t like her…

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