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Ace Ventura – Pete Detective

by | 2nd, June 2006

As Nikki put it, the house is full of “amniosity”.

Perhaps it’s the fact that so many of the wannabes have waited so long to get this chance at fame that has led to this desperate game of bitching and backbiting.

Perhaps it’s the weather – usually housemates are sunbathing by now; the rain and wind have left them cooped up in the house.

Whatever the reasons, it’s barely two weeks into the campaign and the housemates are at each other throats.

There was Sezer, the man whose chronic Short Man Syndrome has been unforgivably overlooked by scientists and mental health workers, reaching up a finger and wagging it in Richard’s face.

That was a moment of rare promise. We have no wish to see the house descend into fisticuffs, but when Sezer wagged and stepped forward, Pete looked all set to wade in.

Considering Pete’s ticks and jerking limbs – think Jim Carey in Ace Ventura Pet Detective – there was a risk that he would jab at Sezer.

To the rallying cry of w***ers!” we could have witnessed a mass brawl. A terrible thing – but at least with everyone breaking the rule that says no violence, Big Brother could have evicted the lot of them and started again.

Come the revolution …

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