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Spot The Fork

by | 9th, June 2006

PLAY spot the fork.

It’s the game that’s taken OK! by storm. Can you spot it?

This week, readers are invited to look at the OK! cover page and spot the fork. There’s a picture of Her Poshness, Victoria Beckham.

This shot is so soft focused that the diamonds that adorn Vicky’s ears, fingers, wrist and neck appear to be made of talcum powder.

Vicky has a complexion less airbrushed than sand blasted. Her face is remarkably line free – which suggests she either a) never laughs; b) never frowns; c) leads an idyllic carefree existence in a perfect state of tight-faced, catatonic bliss.

But to the fork. The clue is Vicky’s hand. It is raised high. She presents the back of her left hand to the camera in the manner of waving royalty. Her thumb is hidden from sight by her curled fingers. The effect is not unlike that produced by someone giving their nose a surreptitious pick.

Such is the evidence. So where does the fork go? Can you spot the fork?

No. It does not go in her hand. Why? Because if it did it may come into contact with Vicky’s mouth. And Vicky’s mouth is shut tighter than a nun’s knicker drawer.

Keep guessing. And while you guess, you may care to flick deeper inside OK! and see another shot of Posh. It’s very much like the shot on the cover only this time Posh appears to be picking her nose with her right thumb.

Is this computer wizardry designed to fool us in our search for the elusive fork? Or this is another example of just how versatile a talent Vicky truly is..?

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