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When Shall We Three Meet Again?

by | 9th, June 2006

Act 1: Scene 1: A house in Elstree

Lisa: “I’ve just been telling Mikey that I hate Aisleyne”

Grace: “I f****** can’t stand her either”

Lisa: “I get jealous cos she gets her ti*s out in front of Pete”

Grace: “Most guys, if they have any sense, wouldn’t go near her. She’s a dog”

Lisa: “Have you seen her without her make-up … she’s a dog. She has no class”

Grace: “And she sat there and goes … ‘parp'”

Lisa: “I do it, but I can get away with it”

Grace: “You do it, but you’re funny”

Lisa: “I hate f****** Richard”

Pause. In the interlude a cauldron bubbles. Lisa throws in a Mars bar; Grace her knickers. A wolf howls.

Grace. “We are. But Aisleyne is a bitch!”

Scene II: The three witches meet up and all Helll breaks out…

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