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Paying The Price

by | 12th, June 2006


That’s the news on the front page of the Mirror. The paper hears a “distraught” Heather Mills McCartney wail: “I’m no prostitute.”

We read that Heather spent an hour talking to her estranged husband Paul McCartney about allegations that she had been paid thousands of pounds to sleep with rich Arabs.

We could work out how much an hour of Heather’s time is worth, but to do so would be crass, insensitive and wrong. Heather has told Paul there is no truth in the claims that she has had sex for money.

The Sun, which has published shots of “Lady Mucca” posing in a porn book, says Paul is in “AGONY” over the news.

And what news it is. The Sun repeats the claims made by prostitute Denise Hewitt in the News of the World that she and Heather had a threesome with a member of the Saudi royal family.

While we digest this revelation, and shake out heads as another Hewitt tells all about sex with royals, ex-prostitute Petrina Montrose says she and Heather had a three-girl orgy with an Arab prince in the Dorchester Hotel, London.

“I knelt facing Heather and we performed a sex act on the prince,” says Petrina breathlessly. “Heather was a familiar face in our business.”

And arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi’s former private secretary, Abdul Khoury, says Heather has “repeatedly lied” about her past. “She was a hooker. I know. I paid her.”

What this makes the whistle blowing PA is a moot point – and perhaps it makes him something worse than Heather. But still Heather denies all allegations.

Perhaps they are all lying. And we wonder why it is only now we are hearing these salacious tales?

The Mail hears Heather’s lawyers say the allegations have been timed “to cause her maximum hurt”. Why is it that we never heard these stories when Paul and Heather were happily married?

The last thing Heather wants is to be branded a prostitute as she works out a divorce settlement with Paul. Although given her alleged former rates, she should still make a tidy sum…

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