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Ladies Night

by | 12th, June 2006

THE hangover from England’s weekend opener can be felt in the Sun.

“England get through…” says the paper’s front-page headline “…7 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE, 12 BEERS, 9 VODKA RED BULLS, 14 VODKA AND LEMONADES, 4 SAMBUCA SHOTS, 1 BACARDI AND COKE, 5 LIQUEURS.”

No wonder England were rubbish in the second half of their game against Paraguay, you say. Let’s hope in their next match they just suck oranges at half-time.

But you are mistaken. This is not what the team quaffed but how their girlfriends celebrated the lads’ 1-0 victory.

The Sun sees the group the Mail dubs the WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends) partying the night away at the Garibaldi Bar in downtown Baden Baden.
There are Wayne Rooney’s fiancée Coleen McLoughlin, Steven Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran and Theo Walcott’s teenage lover Melanie Slade dancing on the tables.

In all there were about ten “England girls” in the bar, including Coleen’s 44-year-old mum Collette and Joe Cole’s lover Carly Zucker.

And the happening has caused no little controversy. Whereas the Sun spots vodkas and lemonades, the Mirror, which also see the girls’ bar bill (reproduced for their readers’ perusal), sees lemon vodkas.

These things are quite different – one is lemonade and vodka, the other a lemon flavoured vodka.

And why is it that the Sun makes no mention in its list of “3 packets of cigarettes”, as the Mirror does?

Does the Sun want to bury the news that the wives and lovers of our elite athletes smoke the evil weed?

Or are all the ciggies for Frank Lampard’s girl Elen Rives, who, given her yellowy complexion on the Sun’s cover page, where she is pictured holding a lit fag, may well have puffed the lot?

We demand to know the truth…

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