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Grace & Favours

by | 13th, June 2006

While we, the world at large and even Grace wonder why no-one likes her, the Graceless one serves up the quote of the week.

Discussing Suzie (aka bitching and sniping), Grace mused on matters PR.

Grace and Suzie both work in PR (which sounds a lot better than saying you hand out leaflets and samples to shoppers).

Grace says Suzie stands around car shows and such like dressed in a bikini with men ogling her. “I don’t do that,” says Grace.

Indeed, for Grace standing around in a bikini in something she does on national telly. And only one man ogles her – the insipid Mickey.

*Incidentally, if anyone out there can understand a word Mickey says – on the rare occasions when he does actually speak – can you translate for us.

He sounds like he’s drowning in his own spit. Or Grace’s…

Anorak Appeal: Help Grace understand why she is so unpopular by telling why you don’t like her.

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