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X Factor: London Mayor

by | 13th, June 2006

“SOMEWHERE in London, there’s a mayor in the making. If it’s you, please consider applying today.”

Welcome to X Factor: London Mayor. David Cameron, a kind of foppish Simon Cowell on a push bike, wants applicants to start thinking about taking part in his contest.

All you need do is join the Tory Party and you could be the next Mayor of London, as the Telegraph reports.

Once you’ve decided to stand, you will appear before a selection panel where your “suitability” and “integrity” will be checked.

Don’t worry if you are interested but don’t have a mistress and a passion for ladies hosiery or are a female hopeful who has never worked as a Magistrate, this is Cameron’s new inclusive Tory Party and all are welcome.

Those who remain will be challenged at “hustings” meetings across London. Sadly, these will not be televised, and Cameron will not sit on a panel with some Sharon Osbourne look-alike appraising each wannabe’s performance.

But there will be a popular vote to decide the winner. As the Times says, voting will be open to everyone on the London electoral roll (five million people), and votes will be cast via phone or text messaging.

(Which make us wonder how many Labour loyalists will be voting for the worst Tory candidate?)

Naturally, these calls will charged at a premium rate, with a small percentage of the cost going to that, er, good cause that is the Conservative Party.

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