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Germany Attacks!

by | 13th, June 2006

“ALL it shows is how much Germany fear facing England after the group stage.”

So a team insider tells the Star after “downmarket” German tabloid Bild had the nerve to attack our star player…and her family.

BLITZKRIEG! Multi-talented Victoria Beckham is described as “a trophy wife”.

DOODLEBUG! Brooklyn and Romeo are called zwerge (dwarves) and Posh is accused of dressing her youngest son as a girl.

LEBENSRAUM! Victoria’s sister-in-law Joanne is “chubby”. “Arms, bust, bum, all very British,” it says. “Joanne is the sort of girl who drinks sangria on the beach in Majorca. And then dances on a table with her top off.”

MEIN KAMPF! Victoria’s mother-in-law has a peasant smile, is an ex-hairdresser and – vilest of vile slurs – “is a Robbie Williams fan”.

However, the “vile” attack from what the Sun refers to as the “sleazy” paper appeared yesterday to have backfired.

Victoria and her team ignored it like the consummate professionals they are and carried out with what they are in Germany for – shopping.

The Mirror watches some of the younger squad members spend £4,000 in an hour of a group shopping trip in Baden Baden.

Sadly, they faded alarmingly after that with only Coleen McLoughlin able to sustain the pace in the searing afternoon heat.

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