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Spitting Mad

by | 14th, June 2006

FORGET wetting the baby’s head – Angelina Jolie was too busy getting her brother to douse her own head in spittle.

The Enquirer says that Angelina was “intrigued” that in Masai culture it is traditional for the father of the bride to spit milk on her head.

We are no experts in the culture of Masai – although we believe them to be native to Kenya and northern Tanzania, not Angelina’s adopted Namibia – but we have seen them do that pogo dance. Add to this the spitting and you could be at a Sex Pistols concert in the mid 1970s.

Perhaps Angelina played Gods Save The Queen very loud, encouraging her brother to ever greater extremes of pogoing as he coughed up milk over her head.

While not the kind of first dance we fusty Westerners are used to, it is nonetheless more the kind of thing Angelina had at her wedding.

Yes, she is married. And, yes, she is married to Brad Pitt. Although the wedding may not be legally binding.

As a friend tells the Enquirer, “The ceremony was so impromptu they there really was no reception. They celebrated with toasts at their favourite bar, Tiger Reef in Swakopmund.”

Where we imagine everyone drank milk and threw rice – and threw up – over the happy couple…

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