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Grace Goes Too Far

by | 14th, June 2006

If ever the time was ripe for Grace to leave the house it is now.

Up for eviction – “I knew this was coming, I could feel it in my [bottled] water” – Grace has gone too, too far.

“She best steer clear of me,” said Grace of Snoozie, who nominated she and Nikkkkki for eviction.

And like that is a problem. It’s not easy to avoid anyone in the house but avoiding Grace should be everyone’s raison d’être.

Grace could not look more spoilt and unappealing were she to go everywhere sat on a pink pony with the words “daddy’s little angel” written on a satin sash tied to her tiara.

“I hate her,” said Grace of Snooze, the woman she calls a “f***** Godzilla”.

And that’s another problem with Grace – she is as unfunny as she is devoid of charm. If only Grace would make us laugh with her bitchy barbs and backstabbing.

But above that is Grace’s outburst in the garden. Addressing Big Brother, she said: “W******, w******, w******, w******!”

Oh, Grace. That’s Pete’s word. Without “w******”, Pete is nought. He needs it. Get your own swear word or get out…

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