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Hawking The Moon

by | 15th, June 2006

YESTERDAY Steven Hawking told us that we should think about moving to the moon or Mars.

Hawking had done his sums and realised that planet Earth is in danger.

Of course, anyone who reads the Mail knew this already. You don’t need to be a scientist with a massive brain to know that we are going to hell in a handcart driven by a bogus asylum seeker off his face on fake Viagra and crystal meth? You only need to read the Mail.

So while the Sun wonders what a human settlement on the moon would look like (think Little House on the Prairie with less grass and ginger children), the Mail spots Francis Williams, “The £4m moon man.”

Though not wearing a shiny suit and syrupy grin, Francis (dressed in a space suit) is an estate agent. His company sells plots on the moon for £20 an acre.

In the past four years, Francis and his wife Sue have sold 200,000 acres, earning them a £400,000 profit.

“There have been so many horror stories about earth and global warming,” says Francis. “We are simply offering the chance to live on another planet.”

And who would not want that? So come on, Mail readers, get buying. Although some of you may live on another planet already…

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