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Kate Nose

by | 16th, June 2006

IF Kate Moss had a line of cocaine for every line of copy written about her supposed relationship with the drug, she would be the world’s foremost drugs baron.

Instead, she is a woman who models mobile phones. But this does not stop the papers pushing her to their front pages. “BEYOND THE LAW,” says the Mail on it cover page. “CARRY ON SNORTING,” says the Mirror on its.

So united are the papers in their outrage that Kate should escape a rap for those pictures of her chopping a white powder in a London recording studio that the Mail even reproduces the Mirror’s infamous front page.

Looking at those pictures, the Mail hears Rene Barclays, the top lawyer at the Crown Prosecution Service, say there was an “absolutely clear indication” Kate was taking drugs and providing them to others.

He says: “However in the absence of any forensic evidence, or direct eye-witness evidence about the substance in question, its precise nature could not be established.”

Indeed. For all we know Kate could have been sniffing talcum powder in an attempt to dry up a runny nose. It might have been another drug. We just don’t know. She is free to go.

And Kate goes to Claridges Hotel, where the Mail spots her wearing short blue shorts (with turn ups), a black waistcoat, white smock shirt and silk neckerchief.

She looks just great. But her appearance is getting right up some people’s noses.

Lynette Burrows, of Family and Youth concern, is staggered that police did not search Kate’s house. “They let her off because of who she is, she is pretty, she is charming, and she is famous.”

Were she less easy on the eye, they’d have thrown the book at her. Tory MP Ann Widdecombe would have been sent down for life without parole.

And here is the substantial Widdecombe telling the Mail the decision not to prosecute Moss for supplying drugs is “pathetic” and “absolute nonsense”.

Which makes it not a bit unlike the Mirror and Mail’s coverage of the matter…

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