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He’s A Card

by | 19th, June 2006


Friends of Michael Blake, a Liverpudlian killed in a car crash, have taken him along to the World Cup. “We couldn’t go without him,” says Scott Macmillan. “He drank with us. And even goes out dancing with us.” Blake is remembered in the form of a life-size cardboard cut-out.

British tennis player Andrew Murray says he will emulate Ronaldinho and smile more when playing sport. If grinning Murray can grow some big gums and be a world champion he can be just like the Brazilian. Here’s hoping.


Peter Crouch has been called many things. Lofty. Rodney. Beanpole. And many more. But now Spanish newspaper el Pais has coined a new nickname for the gangly striker – “esparrago de dos-metro” (a “two-meter asparagus”). Italy’s La Repubblica just called him a “big stork”. And Portugal’s O Jogo labelled him a “battering ram”.

Gillingham chairman Paul Scally has told Brent Sancho, T&T’s burly defender, to get his hair cut when he returns to the club. He is worried that opponents will pull his hair, as England’s Peter Crouch is alleged to have done.

Two prisoners in Bulgaria have stitched up their mouths with thread and are refusing to eat unless they are allowed to watch the World Cup. The only thing they can fit between their lips is a cigarette.

Dutch fans saw their team play the Ivory Coast dressed only in their pants. Security took exception to the fans’ orange lederhosen. The offending garments carried the name of a Dutch Brewery – only the official beer of the World Cup can be mentioned. It being… er…

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