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Get Our Rocks Off

by | 19th, June 2006

WE are used to seeing the great and good trotting up to charity dos and other worthy events dressed in the finest jewels.

But jewellers who loan their trinkets out should beware. We cast no aspersions on the celebrity liggers who borrow the stuff, and only suggest that on return the goods are appraised for authenticity.

Did what leave the shop a huge rock of diamond return as a cube of paste? Is that emerald now just a shard of broken beer bottle? Is platinum so much tin foil?

And what happened to the £26,000 diamond bracelet model Sophie Anderton borrowed from jewellers Boodles?

Having borrowed the bracelet for a night out – during the course of which she posed by a “shoe-shaped cake” and was seen “canoodling” with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose” – Sophie and trinket became separated.

Sophie says she is “extremely distressed”. Says she in the Sun: “The bracelet was stolen off my arm. I’ve worn it before and it has never fallen off.” She says she wants the “culprit” caught and the bracelet returned.

And now the police are involved. The Sun says Sophie waited six days to report the bangle missing, and will now be sued for its value.

“Any action against her will be most vigorously defended,” says Sophie’s lawyer Eddie Parladorio.

And indeed it should be. And we can only hope the bracelet is soon found. It’s a distinctive band made of five interlocking bottle tops attached to a piece of fuse wire.

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