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Nancy’s Girls

by | 19th, June 2006

NANCY Dell’Olio was not with the rest of the Wags when they swore at the locals on a night out in Germany.

As a source close to England coach Sven Goran Eriksson’s main strike partner tells the Mail, Nancy is a “sophisticated 40-something, educated woman” and has little in common with most of the girls.

Indeed. So while the Wags partied in a restaurant, Nancy sat in a corner of the eatery with her Italian friends. While the Wags endured a bus ride from Nuremburg to Baden Baden, Nancy travelled by chauffeur-driven saloon.

But Nancy should realise that being isolated up front can be dangerous. As the Star says, none other than Ulrika Jonsson is expected in Cologne for tomorrow’s match between her native Sweden and adopted England.

This leads the Star to talk of a battle between Nancy and one of the women Sven cheated on her with.

If the match fails to excite, the TV cameras can always pan the crowed for signs of an altogether more thrilling sporting contest.

But Nancy should not panic. Ulrika has just branded the Wags a bunch of Waxed, Anorexic, Giggling, Spendaholics.

This should get them on Nancy’s side. Although the fear is that the girls will take Ulrika’s words for praise and fail to support Nancy when it kicks off…

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