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Elen Fire Water

by | 19th, June 2006

SO far the World Cup has been about football and more football. And that’s just fine if you like the stuff.

But when the state of Wayne Rooney’s toe is considered controversial you realise how things have gone awry. Where’s the tabloid face of football. Where are the drunken rampages, the fights, the spit roasts? Even the fans have been behaving themselves.

Thankfully, keeping football on the front pages are the so-called Wags, the England players’ wives and girlfriends.

With the lads tucked up in bed, it’s been left to the women to show that they can play a more traditional game. And we read on the Sun’s cover page of: “ENGLAND GIRLS’ CLUB BUST-UP.”

“Wags lose their rags,” says another headline inside the paper. “FURY AT GERMAN TAUNTS.”

The paper says that while on a boozy night out in Baden Baden, the girls were spotted by a group of local Germans who began taunting them that Germany would win the World Cup.

At first the girls laughed it off. But it was too, too much for Frank Lampard’s lover Elen Rives.

That it should be she who yelled “F*** off” to the group is of no little interest. Elen is Spanish by birth, and perhaps felt impelled to lead the counterattack out of a need to fit in with the greater England group.

Whatever the reasons, her carefully chosen words had the desired effect and the Germans stopped having fun. As an onlooker says, “they trooped off looking very sheepish.”

One-nil to England. And having sworn at the foreigners, we now look forward to the girls taking the game by the scruff of the neck by letting off some fire extinguishers in their hotel, running up huge gambling debts and romping in bed with busty strippers.

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