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StandardsAre Slipping

by | 20th, June 2006

THEY’RE just like us. Those celebrities are no better than you and me.

Take a look at Michael Douglas in the Mail. Sure he has a “remarkably wrinkle-free face”, but he does have a “haggard ‘turkey’ neck”, and that should give solace to us all.

The paper’s “cosmetic expert” Marry Burney says that the 61-year-old has had a facelift. And she suggests Michael has also had some skin peels and Botox.

And then there’s the paper’s shot of Julia Roberts. Greeting fans on New York’s Broadway, the actress goes walkabout in a red and pink knee-length Vivienne Tam dress.

And the Mail says it has seen this outfit before. Julia has caused “raised eyebrows among fashionistas”, albeit just those with faces that can still move.

But when did Julia wear the garment before? The Mail knows and produces a shot of the last time the dress got an airing. There’s Julia wearing the gown as she salutes the London crowds at the premier of her Notting Hill movie seven years ago.

That was the night Julia bared her hairy armpits to the world. At the time Julia said: “You’d think it was like chinchilla I had under there the way the world responded.”

Indeed, we were shocked – shocked that Julia’s underarm hair was not fashioned from a chinchilla pelt or at least the fur from a dead mink.

Like Michael Douglas’s face, standards are slipping in Hollywood…

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